Brand Identity

Design and implementation of brands in order to communicate a specific message to the end user/customer. The values and core messages can be conveyed powerfully with the use of brand identity.

User Experience

The user is the key focus when designing applications web pages or even printed marketing assets. The way the user interprets the design and information that we are trying to communicate is held in high esteem.

Responsive Web Design

Websites need to display well on a variety of devices and even products these days. From game consoles to refrigerators, web content can be accessed in a multitude of formats. Designing around content that can be viewed anywhere is key.

Front End Development

Skilled in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Can hand code websites to high standards with clean efficient code. Experience using pre processing frameworks as well as .NET and MVC technologies.

Email Design and Build

Design and build of html email newsletters. Create mailers that perform well in all email clients such as gmail, hotmail and outlook. Designed with all devices in mind whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet or desktop PC.

3D design

Modelling animation and rendering using Cinema 4D, 3D studio Max can give great results when custom mock ups or scenes are required for projects. Able to work with these technologies to achieve the best result possible.

People and project management

Having managed large teams and major projects i am able to effectively organise and motivate to get results from the resources available. Certified Scrum Master with experience working within scrum processes and agile methodologies.

Print Design

Experienced working within the print industry. From performing pre-flight checks to making sure colours are print ready and specified all aspects of production are considered when designing for print.

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